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  Used with permission from Green TREE  Yoga.

Three Two-Minute Breathing Exercises for K-12 PE or classroom.            Click here.

Get Unstuck Two Minute Stress Break for K-12 for PE or classroom.      Click here.

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Click Here for a Free Printout of an Introductory Class for Kids and Families

“Family Yoga was more fun that we even expected!  My daughter and I had a blast!  We giggled, made new friends and enjoyed learning more about the art of Yoga!  We wish we could find a family yoga class that we could attend on a regular basis.  Family exercise and family fun is just what the world and our family needs more of!! Thanks so much!”   ~Tammie Ynda, SLC, Utah

Create A Yoga Practice For Kids
“Best kids’ Yoga book on the market today…” ~ Lilias Folan

“Making the practice of yoga simple is not easy. But the authors have done just that, providing an inspiring and upbeat book that will not only charm children but also educate and support their teachers. ~ Judith Hanson Lasater, Ph.D., PT, yoga teacher since 1971, and the author of six books, including 30 Essential Yoga Poses

“Yoga for Kids and Teens…contains a wealth of yoga exercises that kids will find fun, challenging and relaxing…packed with practical suggestions for teachers who want to share their love of yoga …” ~ Timothy McCall, MD. Medical Editor, Yoga Journal; Author of Yoga as Medicine

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FREE sample tracks and pages available below.  All products can be purchased at GreenTREE Yoga’s SUPPORT MATERIALS page.

Yoga can help kids:

· stretch
· develop body awareness
· improve focus and concentration
· learn stress management
· develop confidence
· improve balance and … smile!


Yoga Fun for Home and Classroom/Teachers and Parents:  DVD/CD Ages 3-7


DVD and CD (audio of the DVD) Click
1. Introduction (2:22)
2. Let’s Act Like Animals (11:00)
3. Little Seed Yoga (3:01)
4. LittleTREE Yoga (11:40)
5. Breathe to Feel Better (6:10)
6. Mountain Magic (11.38)
7. Rainbow Relaxation (6:34)
8. Relax Your Feet (8:24)


LISTEN TO  5 minute Yoga Breaks

1. Introduction (2:00)

2. Animal Yoga (5:00)

3. Pretest Break (2:00)

 “What an amazing opportunity to volunteer while having so much fun! The kids are amazing. They are so excited for the Yoga Breaks. They love the chance to move, to feel the control they have over their body and breath, and to be a little silly and have fun at the same time. Each 5 minute break has become precious to me. Thank you GreenTree for the chance to help my community with the power of Yoga” ~ Sunnie Howard, GTY Volunteer

“Our teachers say yoga breaks are great when transitioning to the next subject or whenever we need a fun  break.  And they help reduce anxiety and stress before a test or quiz.  Yoga Breaks have helped us integrate more movement throughout our day and reach our goals for Gold Medal Schools and Wellness!    ~  Heidi Kunzler, Principal, Uintah Elementary School, Salt Lake City

“Just wanted to let you know that the books and DVDs arrived and are in use.  The kids love them!  Our PE teachers are really impressed, and are going to introduce it into some of the classrooms.” ~ Gayle Brackett, Princeville Elementary School, Illinois



Introduction (2:00)

For after lunch (5:00)

Theme: Body Parts You Can Balance On! (13:44)

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In Spanish Click Here: mp3 file









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When the Body Says No: Exploring the Stress Disease Connection by Gabor Matte, MD (click cover) Wonderful and accessible insights into how our stress affects us, an important book for those working with children ~