Yoga for kids with special needs

Yoga for Autism


Some folks are doing yoga with kids with autism to see if it indeed can help them to calm down, to focus, and to feel more positive about things.The kids seem to really be enjoying the program. Click here for more information on it!


Another way to help kids relax ~

If you are looking for a charming way for kids to learn how to relax, try introducing them to this book — Thich Nhat Hanh, a Zen Master and Buddhist Monk, gives us a book with simple diagrams and easy movements that will appeal to all ages, but especially to the young!

YogaBuddies helps kids learn to calm themselves ~

Visit the YogaBuddies website for a ‘Pose of the Week”.  Yoga helps kids learn to recognize signs of stress in themselves and then gives them the tools to help them relax.  Perhaps there is a child with whom you can share some yoga!

Helping Kids to Relax

Next Generation Yoga is a wonderful resource for helping kid to connect with yoga.  Jodi’s easy style invites kids to explore and to experiment with yoga and all its benefits.

Watch this  clip from her enchanting Whale Yoga  DVD.



Gifts that relax both kids and adults!