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Before you have to say no…

 The New York Times had an article  on parents who just got so burned out from volunteering they had to say NO.  Don’t let it get to that point.  Make realistic decisions about what you like to do and how much time you have to give.  It can be once, it can be 10 minutes a week.
Set yourself up for success so that you don’t end up saying NO to everything school related.  It’s your time — take control of how you use it!

Helping Kids Relax Before a Test

Pretest Break for K-6  (Click here)

Listen to a free 2 minute yoga break to help kids relax before taking a test.  It’s from GreenTREE Yoga’s CD 5 Minute Yoga Breaks for K-6″ click for more info. Teachers love it because they get to take a break too! You don’t move furniture, clear off desks, or take off shoes.  Just do the simple break.  You can learn how to be a yoga break volunteer too at the website. for any questions.  Breathe easy!


Helping Kids Relax Like a Sea Turtle…

There’s a lovely site with ideas on how to help kids relax called Kids’ Relaxation.   A recent post talks about the importance of allowing and helping kids to create a safe place to relax, a cave of sorts. Another gives ideas on how to help them relax like a sea turtle.    It’s a site with some easy ideas so visit it and let us know what you like! 

Help Kids Learn to Relax

If you are looking for some resources on how to help kid learn to relax, try The Yoga Site, the online resource center.  Lisa Orkin is a a certified Kripalu Yoga teahcer and occupational therapist.  There are ideas on visualizations, books, and dvds.

Helping Kids Learn to Relax

We had a lot of fun at the GreenTREE Yoga Kids’ Yoga Teacher Training at the lovely Avenues Yoga in SLC on Saturday. We talked a bit about how to offer yoga to kids, and then we invited some kids to join us so we could see how it works! For more information on kids yoga and how it gives tools to kids for their own stress management, visit our website at  Here are some comments from the training. I feel such gratitude that I am able to connect with folks who work with kids and share what I have learned in my 30 years of teaching.

“The services you provide for children in our community is truly inspirational… I also really appreciated you talking about yoga as a safe place- that was really good to be reminded of. ~ JI, SLC

“Honestly, the training was amazing. I don’t wanna just give you useless, complimental fluff, but in all sincerity the training was amazing. I’ve been wanting to volunteer w you guys for a while but I was nervous to work w kids. I’m good w kids cause I’m energetic and love to play, but I didn’t know to incorporate yoga. That was one of the best things that you taught me, being fun and noisy is exactly the point. Also, the ‘safe’ and ‘choice’ principles helped a ton. Just learning that if they don’t want to, that’s fine. I def appreciated your shpeel at the beginning where you incorporated the scientific aspect of yoga. “ – RB, SLC

Many thanks to Avenues Yoga in Salt Lake City for sharing their beautiful site!

Family Yoga Fun

If there is any doubt that yoga makes people smile… This family yoga program at a public library in Salt Lake City was based on the GreenTREE Yoga program (Click here).  Check out the book Yoga Makes Me Feel... which is always a favorite for kids and parents alike.

“Family Yoga was more fun that we even expected!  My daughter and I had a blast!  We giggled, made new friends and enjoyed learning more about the art of Yoga!  We wish we could find a family yoga class that we could attend on a regular basis.  Family exercise and family fun is just what the world and our family needs more of!! Thanks so much! ~ Tammie Ynda, SLC, Utah

Another tool to help kids relax at night ~

Looking for a new way to help your kids relax?  You may want to

look at this interactive CD that has received rave reviews on Amazon. 

Special recommendations for kids with special needs too —

Sharing Calm with Kids




Looking to share some calm with kids?

Check out some free downloads of 5 minute yoga breaks for teaching kids to relax, to take control of their own breathing and stress management.

Click here.


“Just wanted to let you know that the books and DVDs arrived and are in use.  The kids love them!  Our PE teachers are really impressed, and are going to introduce it into some of the classrooms.” ~ Gayle Brackett, Princeville Elementary School, Illinois



Why is yoga good for kids?

If you want some inspiring ideas on why yoga is good for kids or why you should give the kids you care about another tool for stress management,

check out this fun website:  Childlight Yoga.

  From a GreenTREE Yoga (click here) School Program

From the site: “Yoga provides vital therapeutic benefits to children.  This is ChildLight Yoga’s foundational philosophy and motivation.  While our classes provide an opportunity for children to explore movement in a fun and supportive environment, our primary objective is to provide children with strategies that build the resilience they need to adapt to this busy, outcome-based world we live in.  Breathing, movement, meditation, affirmation are some of many strategies we utilize to promote adaptibility, self-esteem, courage, a healthy body and a calm and confident mind.”

What We Like

When the Body Says No: Exploring the Stress Disease Connection by Gabor Matte, MD (click cover) Wonderful and accessible insights into how our stress affects us, an important book for those working with children ~