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Classroom Yoga Breaks

We are in the thick of classroom yoga. This program is a section in the School Volunteer Handbook, which includes the free CD.   KSL filmed us on Monday, stay tuned for which day at 5 am you can catch it (or maybe I will post the link..) Many thanks to Julie Iorg, our wonderful volunteer yoga teacher who said, “We started today! YEAH! They too are a great school and I feel so lucky to be working with them! All of the teachers and students were so thankful to have the yoga breaks. They were excited and welcoming and each class truly enjoyed the break that we shared ..Thanks Yael for everything. As your yoga breaks are a gift to these children- it is a gift for me to share them!” free breaks on our website! 

Having Fun in School!

Many thanks to Rachelle Ballard, a super GreenTREE Yoga volunteer who is doing the 5 minute yoga breaks at Newman Elementary School (CDs provided thanks to a SLCC grant!) She says, “I just wanted to tell you how much fun I’m having at Newman. I love those kids! It’s been so fun and the kids just eat it up. I’ll genuinely be sad when its over.”   For more info on how to set up a volunteer in your school (who doesn’t have to know yoga!), visit or click here!

Help kids manage stress in school

Education is all a matter of building bridges. ~ Ralph Ellison.  Free  5 minute audio yoga breaks for the classroom at  Help students and teachers take a break — and return to learning with more energy, less stress, and a more positive attitude! “Five Minute Yoga Breaks  are enjoyable and help our students focus on their work.  Teachers have said yoga breaks are great when transitioning to the next subject and they help reduce anxiety and stress before a test or quiz.  Yoga Breaks have helped us integrate more movement  throughout our day and reach our goals for Gold Medal Schools andWellness! “ Heidi Kunzler, Principal Uintah Elementary School.   ANYONE can volunteer to teach this in the classrooms, no yoga experience necessary!!  Find out how at

The whole family!

More Family Yoga!  It’s a great way to bond, to connect, to share some fun, and to build some memories.  Hopefully there’s a camera nearby!  If you want to try it at home, here’s fun dvd that will get the group involved.  Whale Yoga!  by Next Generation Yoga.

Family Fun with Yoga

 Family yoga is one of my favorite to teach.  The kids have so much fun, and the parents are relaxed and get a wonderful introduction to the benefits of yoga.   If you haven’t tried family yoga,  you might like it!  Ask a local studio if they offer a class, or suggest they introduce it!  There are some free downloads to help kids relax and to give you ideas about how to integrate yoga into your family’s health plan at

Helping Kids Relax Before a Test

Pretest Break for K-6  (Click here)

Listen to a free 2 minute yoga break to help kids relax before taking a test.  It’s from GreenTREE Yoga’s CD 5 Minute Yoga Breaks for K-6″ click for more info. Teachers love it because they get to take a break too! You don’t move furniture, clear off desks, or take off shoes.  Just do the simple break.  You can learn how to be a yoga break volunteer too at the website. for any questions.  Breathe easy!


Helping Kids Relax Like a Sea Turtle…

There’s a lovely site with ideas on how to help kids relax called Kids’ Relaxation.   A recent post talks about the importance of allowing and helping kids to create a safe place to relax, a cave of sorts. Another gives ideas on how to help them relax like a sea turtle.    It’s a site with some easy ideas so visit it and let us know what you like! 

What We Like

When the Body Says No: Exploring the Stress Disease Connection by Gabor Matte, MD (click cover) Wonderful and accessible insights into how our stress affects us, an important book for those working with children ~