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10 Ways to Pump Up Your Volunteer Webpag

VolunteerSpot offers so many useful ideas on how to recruit and how to get the most benefit from volunteers. Go to this link for ideas on how to help get the word out — it’s not to early to start planning your webpage for the fall.

Classroom Yoga Breaks

We are in the thick of classroom yoga. This program is a section in the School Volunteer Handbook, which includes the free CD.   KSL filmed us on Monday, stay tuned for which day at 5 am you can catch it (or maybe I will post the link..) Many thanks to Julie Iorg, our wonderful volunteer yoga teacher who said, “We started today! YEAH! They too are a great school and I feel so lucky to be working with them! All of the teachers and students were so thankful to have the yoga breaks. They were excited and welcoming and each class truly enjoyed the break that we shared ..Thanks Yael for everything. As your yoga breaks are a gift to these children- it is a gift for me to share them!” free breaks on our website! 

Time: The New Currency for Volunteers

It’s a challenge most schools face — how to get more volunteers involved in a meaningful way.  Parents are busy and stressed.

Take some tips from this PTO articleon how to set parents up for success in volunteering — ask the right questions, be specific, and offer support.  Fo exampe “Do you want to be our committe chair?” probably a question that will receive a ‘no’. Instead, ask parents, “We have several places where we could use someone like yourself. For example,… Now, given your time constraints, which of these would be the best way to get you started in our PTO?”

Say Thank You!

It’s important to remember to say thank you to both the teacher and the volunteers in a school.  It can be simple and easy.  Remember the last time someone thanked you for your efforts? How did it make you feel?  And when no one remembered to extend the simple thanks, were you inclined to give more?  With that in mind, go to this PTO site for some easy ideas on how to thank a teacher or volunteer at the end of the year.  Start planning now and get others involved if you can!  You can download the revised Vol and Teacher appreciation toolkit. 


“Like children and show it.”

The Los Angeles Unified School District has some good ideas on Positive Volunteerism.  Click Here.  My favorite one is “Like children and show it.”  It’s simple and yet says it all — let the kids know that you like being there and that you want to share time with them. It’s worth running through your mind again — and being positive with them will make the experience more enjoyable for you too.  “Like children and show it.”

Having Fun in School!

Many thanks to Rachelle Ballard, a super GreenTREE Yoga volunteer who is doing the 5 minute yoga breaks at Newman Elementary School (CDs provided thanks to a SLCC grant!) She says, “I just wanted to tell you how much fun I’m having at Newman. I love those kids! It’s been so fun and the kids just eat it up. I’ll genuinely be sad when its over.”   For more info on how to set up a volunteer in your school (who doesn’t have to know yoga!), visit or click here!

Flexible Volunteer Opportunities

This site offers many ideas on how to organize and complete volunteer projects in as little as 15 minutes.  Ideas include volunteering for animal welfare, children’s issues, community projects, environmental projects, and health care.  Volunteer Buide is a 501(c)3 charity dedicated to promoting flexible volunteerism, by inspiring and facilitating acts of kindness.

Resources for School Volunteers!

There is a wonderful site called The Volunteer Family — a host of resources for folks seeking to strengthen their communities and families.  Please look at this page about Resources for Children and Youth Volunteers for many ideas on how to become a more active volunteer and to help raise awareness in your area. Included are books and many web resources, for example:


Help kids get involved in own learning. This new Volunteer Handbook for K-12 Parents & Teachers can help you build a strong, involved volunteer base. Free pages.

… a fabulous and thorough resource about volunteering in the classroom.  As a professional and mother, I particularly find the tips for volunteering and the clear presentation of classroom activities extremely useful because I don’t have a lot of time to prepare for these sorts of things.  The innovative science, language arts, visual arts and other activities are terrific and easy to implement.  I highly recommend this book for both parents and teachers.                        ~ Anita Kinney, PhD, Salt Lake City, UT

Make a Difference!

If you are looking for a few good reasons to volunteer in a local school and help someone learn to read or to improve their math skills, The Educational Charity for Children website has some interesting facts to consider

  • 68% of State prison inmates did not receive a high school diploma []
  • America has 5% of the world’s people , yet it also has 23.6% of the world’s prison population.

What We Like

When the Body Says No: Exploring the Stress Disease Connection by Gabor Matte, MD (click cover) Wonderful and accessible insights into how our stress affects us, an important book for those working with children ~