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Yoga for kids with special needs

  1.  If you are looking for a way to bring calm and to build stamina for folks with special needs, watch this video and read the                                                                                                   article just published in the Chicago Tribune: Yoga offers benefits for people with special needs  As one of the teachers recognizes, “The beauty of yoga is that it helps you wherever you are at,” said Fakroddin.  Gadi Revivo, a pediatrician who specializes in rehabilitation, says that even though yoga is thousands of years old, it brings something new to his special-needs patients. Listen to the video and look through the article for a lot of good information and links to more programs. 

Photo: GreenTREE Yoga program, Final Relaxation SPLORE retreat on the COLORADO River.

Yoga for Autism


Some folks are doing yoga with kids with autism to see if it indeed can help them to calm down, to focus, and to feel more positive about things.The kids seem to really be enjoying the program. Click here for more information on it!


Relaxation for Adaptive Yoga Needs

If you are working with kids who have special needs, the SOLA yoga stikk may be just the thing for your group.  It allows kids to create their own totem by decorating their sticks, and then use the stick to gain confidence in any yoga pose that involves balance.
We are about to go into our second printing of the SOLA Yoga Stikk manual/DVD. These stikks have been sold internationally, as well as from coast to coast in the US. Check it out on Youtube   A great way to gain confidence, balance, or just deepen your yoga practice.  Thank you, Nicole Hamory Cavallaro, for the wonderful creation!

For more information, visit
See the book “Yoga For Kids and Teens” that includes a section on the SOLA Stikk!

What We Like

When the Body Says No: Exploring the Stress Disease Connection by Gabor Matte, MD (click cover) Wonderful and accessible insights into how our stress affects us, an important book for those working with children ~