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Volunteer Handbook

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Find simple ways to be a school volunteer.

Includes 2 CDs: 1) GreenTREE Yoga Five Minute Classroom Yoga Breaks (K-6) Click to listen!

2) All handouts and charts in the book for easy copying or editing to fit your school needs.


What People are Saying about these ideas on being a school volunteer:

One of the indications of a good school is a strong program to involve parents and other adults as volunteers in the school.    Yael Calhoun and Elizabeth Finlinson have written a wonderfully practical and very detailed guide to serving as a volunteer in a school classroom.  The book includes suggestions of specific resources for over a hundred activities that support the work of K-6 teachers.  ~ Robert Shaw, PhD.  Dean, School of Education, Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah.

This is such a positive and informative book!  I wish I had this book to guide me when my kids were going through school, however, luckily I now will have it for my grandkids!  As an artist, I just love how creative the book is. It gives wonderful suggestions so everyone can work together in a sensitive and productive way.  I was only going to 'browse' the book but I couldn't help but stop and read it!  It had so many wonderful tips!   ~ Cheryl Chesnut, Anchorage, Alaska

Learning to work together is one of the most critical skills children will learn in our society.  These activities can be adapted for all ages and will assist in creating a safe, effective learning environment where all children feel they can contribute.~  Ruth Ann Taylor, Teacher, Granite School District, Utah

Although I have retired after thirty-three years in the classroom, I can easily recognize quality when I see it.  This book will certainly be helpful to prepare volunteers for the classroom.  However, it also contains very clever and intriguing activities for the teachers…wonderful suggestions for all the adults who strive each day to do the best job in teaching children, and that is the challenge and the privilege of all of us.  ~ Ann Marie Carey, Stamford, CT.

I really enjoyed reading the volunteer book!  It is full of great ideas and information!  Can't wait to volunteer again!   ~ Dee Fuhrman, Parent Volunteer, Atlanta, GA

Thank you, Yael and Elizabeth for sharing your passions with us and giving this gift to all.  You both understand children and are great with them as is demonstrated by your interactions with so many of my students over the years —  and especially your own terrific children.  I feel the activities in this book will be beneficial to children both in and out of the classroom.  In our hurried world, it is important to find ways to focus and relax and feel in control of ourselves while stretching our mind and body.   ~Victoria DiPietro, Teacher, Granite Elementary, UT.


This book offers you easy, step by step suggestions on how to be a school volunteer. Find many new ideas to share with both parents and teachers about being a school volunteer.


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