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I am a part of everything that I have read. ~ Teddy Roosevelt

Yoga Makes Me Feel ... by Yael Calhoun, Illustrated by Svea Lunoe

Available in English, English/Spanish, and English/French. Each book comes with 2 free CDS.

This book is offered as a way to introduce young children to yoga. Young children immediately connect
with yoga for two simple reasons: yoga is intuitive and yoga is fun. Yoga can provide children with the
same benefits as adults: increased energy, body awareness and definition, balance, strength, focus and
concentration, and stress management skills. But doing yoga with children has a wonderful difference.
Science continues to show us that the young mind is much more open to change and to learning new
things -- music and languages are good examples. So what better time in life to introduce someone to a
powerful tool for healing, for stress management, and for exploring who we are?

SEE below:

~ limited edition signed POSTER prints from this book to frame

~ 12 x 17 posters to laminate

~ 5 x 7 laminated flip charts of the 14 Shanti prints in the book


Free Gift Wrapping/Note card (put in 'note to seller"' when purchasing)

If you'd like your book signed or inscribed by the author, or inscribed, put in the note to seller-

$19.99 plus $4.00 S & H

In note to seller, indicate if you want English, English/Spanish or English/French

Each book comes with 2 free CD Downloads: Yoga Makes Me Feel ... read aloud in English, and GreenTREE Yoga's LittleTREE Yoga CD



Click here to look at text pages in English.

Click here to look at text pages in English/Spanish.

Click here to look at text pages in English/French.


Click below to listen to a FREE track from the CD included in this book. Each book also comes with an English narration of the text.

1.  Introduction   (2:22)
2.  Let's Act Like Animals    (11:00)
3.  Little Seed Yoga    (3:00)
4.  LittleTREE Yoga    (11:00)
5.  Breathe to Feel Better  (6:10)
6.  Mountain Magic   (11.40)
7.  Rainbow Relaxation  (6:43)
8.  Relax Your Toes Relaxation    (8:24) (DVD of the CD available Click Here)


Sweet Sweet Yael ~ WOW! Again, you impress & inspire me!!! CONGRATS on Yoga Makes Me Feel! I love it!!! I especially enjoy how each page includes simple instructions for how to do the pose, asks contemplative kid-friendly questions and brings it all together with text that is affirming and empowering. The illustrations are captivating, creative, fun and funky! I highly recommend this book for children (and adults!) of all ages!! Thank you thank you, Namaste!!
Jodi Komitor, MA, RYT Next Generation Yoga, Founder & Author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Yoga with Kidshttp://www.nextgenerationyoga.com

I love this book! The combination of vocal and physical activities in combination with the bright playful pictures makes yoga accessible to all of us.  It highlights yoga in a playful way, giving teachers and parents all over the world, a fun easy way to engage children in a traditionally adult form of meditation and relaxation.       Beth Brewster, Executive Director,  Giving Asha, USA and Nepal

Yoga Makes Me Feel… is beautifully illustrated and written simply for children to explore the poses and learn about their bodies. It will serve as an excellent foundation for a lifelong habit of stretching and body awareness. ~ Nicole Mihalopoulos, MD, MPH, Salt Lake

Research is finally starting to confirm what has long been known: that doing yoga helps improve the flexibility, strength, discipline, and joy of our bodies, minds, and souls.  Yael and Svea will take the children in your life on a journey that can expand their horizons. What a gift!    ~ Emily Traupman, PhD, RYT, Seattle, WA

Yoga Makes Me Feel… is accessible, down to Earth and an eye-pleasing treat. Surely it will spark the imagination of any child, all the while providing the incredible physical and physiological benefits of the ancient art.~ Katy Proietti,  RYT, Denver, CO.

We are very excited to use Yoga Makes Me Feel… as a tool in our Therapeutic Preschool Program to teach not only the different yoga poses for calming and soothing, but for learning to identify feelings and emotions.  The bright engaging pictures interest and captivate preschoolers, encouraging them to try the different poses.  Our preschool groups can use the poses during times of dysregulation to increase structure, individual body awareness, and to down regulate the group into a calmer state.  ~ Sandra Valentine, LCSW, The Children’s Center, Salt Lake City

Sale price $40.00 12 x 18 inch micropile cushion and Book Set for your Little Yogi!


Purchasing options: Posters ($15.00) ,Flip Chart ($15.00), Posters & Flip Chart ($24.00); Poster, Flip Chart & Book ($42.00)

posters and flip chart



11 x 16 inch KIDS YOGA POSTERS

LIMITED EDITION PRINTS from the Book Yoga Makes Me Feel...

Each one SIGNED BY THE ILLUSTRATOR for framing


Bee Breath



Down Dog

Crescent Moon

Tree Pose

Purchase as many as you would like. Indicate which prints you would like when you purchase in 'notes to seller'.

You can also special order the prints in ANY size or a COMPLETE SET: for pricing, please contact orders@lilapress.com.

FREE GIFT WRAPPING/Card -- Just let us know in "Note to Seller" when you check out which

prints you want and if it's a gift.

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relaxation with children.